About Us

Living Stones is a group of everyday people like you trying to do life in ways that bring joy and meaning to who we are and what we do. We are a group with varying ages and backgrounds who have come from church experiences that were good, many that weren’t so good, and others who have had little to no church background at all. We have a desire to honor God with our lives and to love and serve Him from a place of love and obedience, not obligation and legalism. We are a casual group as well that comes as we are and who tries to major on the things that are core and central to God and not on things that are temporal and cultural. Fun, laughs, a sense of humor, and regular times to party, fellowship, and be together are a must for our group. We believe that life is short, God is amazing, and there is much to enjoy and do right here, right now! If you want a bit more of our history and story, check out the “Our Story” page as well!


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